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NewsNOTES from Harmony House – September 22

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ReLight is specifically designed for married couples returning (or is that recovering?) from the family summer holiday, fearing that Christmas 2022 may be their last together!

ReLight will renew and reenergise your relationship with more fun and focus together for the future.

A maximum of eight couples will experience the weekend of 4th to 6th November at the fabulous Wootton Park Retreat (near Stratford Upon Avon).

You’ll experience thought-provoking talks and mind and body exercises by Penny Raby and Mike Freddie Gordon .. with a supporting cast of Emily Papirnik and Barry Mapp. All our presenters bring a wealth of practical and professional experience to the event.

The serious side of the programme will be balanced by relaxing, amusing and interactive sessions. These comprise Gong Bath to relax you and lead to deep sleep in preparation for the challenges ahead and Forest Bathing to reconnect with nature and relax. 

As it is Bonfire Night on the Saturday, there will be guided StarGazing to reflect on the wonder and beauty of the universe. And on Sunday, a Dove Release symbolic of releasing all those tensions you brought to ReLight.

We’ll end the event with Laughter Yoga to take with you as a happy memory of the weekend and your renewed commitment to life and laughter for your future together.

Reflect, Reconnect, Recharge, ReLight

Strictly, there will be no fireworks on this special Bonfire Night, but much warm glowing and happy clapping and tears too, of joy and happiness!

There’s more information and booking details on the link below. 


In other news

A reminder of the recent Harmony House refresh.

It brings together the three distinct strands of Penny and Mike’s unique Relationship Breakdown and Recovery serviceTMOther services are available.

Under new management

Penny Raby & Co. remains the solid foundation of their professional practice as a niche family law firm.

Penny Raby & Co

The firm deals with high net worth divorce with significant expat and overseas experience .. and contested wills and estates. And Penny was recently recognised by her peers being on the short-list of the Law Society Excellence Awards 2021.  

Divorce Deals is Mike’s unique forensic fact-finding of finances function.

Now with added support from a wide network of trusted counsel offering high-level guidance to both parties seeking the most efficient and economic route to that amicable divorce!!

Divorce Deals

Marriage Makeover is Penny & Mike’s best-kept secret service. They will not be shaken or stirred by any revelations in their MM mission????.

The makeover of the top floor of the existing office is close to completion .. to include sound-proofing and blacked out windows????

Marriage Makeover

Dramatic results are expected in the run up to Christmas!!
Look out 2023 .. coming soon!

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NewsNOTES from Harmony House | February 23

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