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NewsNOTES from Harmony House | February 23

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Have you seen this couple .. LIVE??

Mike & Penny montage

Mike & Penny celebrate 30 years together this month .. first meeting was on Valentines’ Eve 1993. You couldn’t make this story up ????. 

Do You Know Who I Am??

Henry VIII

Delighted with the timing of Henry VIII’s revival tour .. which happily passed through Pershore on 3rd February 2023 .. almost 500 years since his last appearance ????.

With the recent right Royal family rumpus involving .. well everybody TBF on both sides of the Atlantic .. it’s a reminder that family matters were “ever thus”!! And how might the course of British history been changed if Henry had had Marriage Makeover or Divorce Deals to resolve his differences with Catherine of Aragon ????.

At the end of a most entertaining audience, His Majesty invited his loyal subjects to ask him questions on ANY subject. Hilarious!!! What puzzler would you have put to Coppernose?

The tour continues .. well worth a visit! Read more.

Marriage Week

Divorces up 9.6% in 2021

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show a big rise in divorce in 2021.

Some of this is real. But most is a one-off due to lockdown and court delays.


The Marriage Foundation writes they have seen little to no indication of a big rise in 2021 divorces either from lockdown surveys that look at how much people are thinking about divorce, or the Ministry of Justice figures that report divorce applications.


Births outside marriage above 50% for the first time

Births outside of marriage have been hovering just below 50 percent for the past decade. A sharp increase above 50 percent in 2021 is almost certainly a knock-on effect of the ban and restrictions on marriage during the lockdown in the previous year.

New birth data for 2021 from the Office for National Statistics have shown a sharp fall in births within marriage to below 50% for the first time. 



Buzz is Over The Moon .. for the Fifth time????

Congratulations to veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 93 years young on the occasion of his fourth marriage!

Can you remember those shady black-and-white pictures .. from what year?? And what was the name of his moonwalk buddy??

Here’s his most recent bride… and business partner.

Buzz Aldrin

Breaking Up News .. literally!!

Media gets the go-ahead to report family proceedings 

Journalists will be able to report on family court proceedings for the first time as part of a new pilot in a ‘big cultural change’ to the Family Division. The hope is that the Transparency Reporting Pilot, to be conducted at three courts, will improve transparency and accountability.

Your divorce could become front-page news? This could get very messy! The trial is being run at Family Courts in Leeds .. Carlisle, and Cardiff. Waddayathink readers??


Meanwhile in other news … a reminder of the Harmony House service offerings.


Penny Raby & Co. remains the solid foundation of their professional practice as a niche family law firm. 

Penny Raby & Co

Divorce Deals is Mike’s unique forensic fact-finding of finances function. Offering high-level guidance to both parties seeking the most efficient and economic route to that amicable divorce!!

Divorce Deals

Marriage Makeover offers couples a lifetime of support to ensure their relationship is continually refreshed and remains fit for purpose! 

Marriage Makeover

Relight returns

Our ReLight experiencecourtesy of Wootton Park Wellness was trialled to much critical success over the weekend of Bonfire Night November 2022.


No fireworks .. but much rekindling and rejoicing!!????
We’re actively recruiting our next four couples for a weekend late April 2023!!


And finally .. some resources to keep you entertained .. and educated .. until NewsNOTES III

Relationships expert Mark Gungor

Marg Gungor


Mark Gugnor video


Mark Gugnor video


NewsNOTES from Harmony House – September 22

NewsNOTES from Harmony House – September 22

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