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NewsNOTES from Harmony House | March 2022

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This Ole House

In the beginning .. the story does date back to the late-1800s when Mike’s great-grandparents moved into Harmony Row, Ennis .. a “Pershore” sized town in County Clare (Eire).

Harmony House Ennis

Harmony Row, Ennis

While Mike accompanied his parents on their worldwide travels with the RAF (circa 1956 – 1973), several of his cousins lived in Harmony Houses from County Cork to County Tipperary .. which you may know is actually not far to go????. 

When Penny and Mike established Penny Raby & Co. in Pershore in 1995 in offices above Midland Bank House (whatever happened to them?) .. it would be serendipitous that they acquired and converted the current office property in Church Street in 2004. A street with an Abbey at the end .. just like Ennis???? 

Harmony House Pershore

Harmony House, Pershore

Energised by the heat & light of five weeks #wfMalaga???? and joyful at celebrating 29 years since their first meeting on Valentines’ Eve 1993 .. It’s a New Dawn .. It’s a New Day at Harmony House (HH) for the Bosh (aka Penny) and Pecks (aka Mike) of loving relationships????.

Read all about it!!

Love changes everything

HH is being refashioned again to accommodate the three distinct strands of Penny & Mike’s unique Relationship Breakdown and Recovery serviceTMOther services are available.

Under new management

Penny Raby & Co. remains the solid foundation of their professional   practice as a niche family law firm dealing with HNW divorce with significant Expat and overseas experience .. and contested wills and estates. And Penny recently recognised by her peers being on the short-list of the Law Society Excellence Awards 2021.  

Divorce Deals is Mike’s unique forensic fact-finding of finances function.

Now with added support from a wide network of trusted counsel offering high-level guidance to both parties seeking themost efficient and economic route to that amicable divorce!!

Divorce Deals

Marriage Makeover is Penny & Mike’s best-kept secret service. They will not be shaken or stirred by any revelations in their MM mission????.

The top floor of the existing office is having a makeover .. to include sound-proofing????. Dramatic results are expected .. after Easter. Look out for March’s edition …

Marriage Makeover

Pets in Divorce? Maybe time to Paws for Thought ..

Spain passes a new law to make pets official members of the family – but what about the UK?


Marriage Week 2022 .. It’s Worth It (name the brand?)

Marriage Week is an annual celebration of marriage, run by Marriage Foundation.

The fundamental message of Marriage Week is that marriage is worth investing in because all the research shows that stable families make for happier children and grown-ups, and a happier wider community.


Marriage Week
NewsNOTES from Harmony House | February 23

NewsNOTES from Harmony House | February 23

Have you seen this couple .. LIVE?? Mike & Penny celebrate 30 years together this month .. first meeting was on Valentines’ Eve 1993. You couldn’t make this story up ????.  Do You Know Who I Am?? Delighted with the timing of Henry VIII's revival tour .. which...