In 3 Easy Stages

(plus one really difficult stage)**



The fact that you are reading this page might confirm (or even deny) that your loving relationship is in difficulty, or not performing to its best potential. Send MM a message to say you need help!



Our first meeting is always at your chosen venue and at any suitable time for you (unlike a car breakdown!). We will send you a check-list in advance so we can be sure these important first exchanges have a structure and purpose. The process really begins when Mike & Penny are sure that our process suits you and your circumstances. It is indeed rare that MM meets a new challenge.

The review is followed up with a plan which outlines the timetable, cost and process of repair and recovery



AKindaMagic begins!

In our many years of experience, the average length of contested divorce proceedings is 12-18 months, but it can be much longer. A MarriageMakeover can be far quicker – but requires a long-term commitment to the changes you make in your relationship.

The process is individually adapted to your circumstances and is built upon solid practical and simple steps to a resolution. Some parts are even FUN!

MM’s principals have worked with clients (and a wide network of advisors) across the globe these last 30 years. They have an impressive selection of tee shirts. Hong Kong – Singapore – India – Egypt – Smethwick – Bath and many more!!


Repeating Resolution & Renewal

POLITE WARNING: this is the difficult bit!)**

We offer our unique annual MOT (Marriage OK Test) to help you keep things going long-term.