The DivorceDeals Process

Choose to do this TOGETHER on a NEUTRAL BASIS with Mike Freddie Gordon, so that BOTH UNDERSTAND – and save huge sums in costs and distress over unnecessary misunderstandings!

This exercise frequently leads naturally to an AGREEMENT which can be converted into a Consent Order to be submitted to Court in writing for approval.

If some issues remain outstanding, parties can have a private Financial Dispute Resolution with Penny Raby, a Senior Family Solicitor with over 40 years’ experience or such other specialist solicitor or barrister as you may both choose, to give an opinion on the likely outcome in Court.

Again this will be much cheaper and quicker than Court proceedings.

Note: either party may also consult their own separate solicitor at any time if they so wish.

Elements of a good divorce deal… cards anyone?


But you each have to reveal all your cards


Resist the temptation to force a deal


Keep that end goal front of mind