Harmony House offers specialist advice on legal, financial and lifestyle issues to couples facing relationship breakdown
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A service designed to save you money. Strike a divorce deal and move on with life!
We offer to help BOTH divorcing or separating partners come to a fair and reasonable financial settlement by:
- Investigating and clarifying comprehensive financial information. This is the main service offered and it is designed to avoid huge expense in separate accountants' costs (or solicitors' time spent on financial matters).
- Giving relevant neutral and legal information on the principles of law applicable to the particular circumstances, and the way in which those principles are generally applied.
Mike Gordon
Mike Gordon is a Chartered Management Accountant with almost 25 years' experience in assisting both parties with the financial analysis and accountancy expertise required to conclude final and comprehensive settlements in matrimonial cases.
Provides advice on divorce and family issues in disputes involving higher net-worth individuals.
Gets couples talking and listening... and provides unique solutions to relationship problems.
Offers divorcing or separating partners help in coming to a fair and reasonable financial settlement.

Harmony House, 7-9 Church Street, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 1DT Phone : 01386 555 114 Fax : 01386 554 091 Email : mikegordon@harmony-house.co.uk